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Sutezolid (PNU-100480)

Last updated July 2012


Sutezolid, or PNU-100480, is a new oxazolidinone—the same class of drugs as linezolid. Sutezolid appears to have more potent antituberculosis activity in vitro, in ex vivo whole blood cultures, and in a murine (mouse) model. A whole-blood study also predicted that sutezolid and two drugs described above—SQ109 and bedaquiline—would be additive, and deserve testing as part of a novel regimen. Pfizer recently completed a phase IIa, open-label, early bactericidal activity and whole-blood activity study. This study of adults with pulmonary DS-TB compared two experimental arms—one with sutezolid twice daily at 600 mg, the other with sutezolid once daily at 1,200 mg—with Rifafour. Results should be available soon.


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